So many hats, so little time!

Wow, what a whirlwind week. Dee and I are in the midst of finding bigger space for our growing Stylamount business while keeping the plates spinning. As we’re talking to our customers on the phone about mounting their art and photography, we realize how many of you are just like us: entrepreneurs with one heck of a hat rack! In the course of 24-hours, I realize I am an: office manager, sales person, customer service rep, production manager, art buyer, accountant, delivery person, marketing director and…dragster driver. Ha! There’s a semblance of personal life too, of course (sandwiched in there during er, “free time”) as daughter, sister and girlfriend. I am SO lucky to have such amazing, supportive people in my life!

When it gets crazy with orders you’ll find all of us in our mounting room. My mom, boyfriend, Dad, sister — they all jump in to help fulfill orders, mount art, print out the images sent by our photographers just in time for a show– whatever it takes. Did I say I was lucky 🙂

But I know it’s the same for so, so many of you. I was talking to one of my photography customers and we were laughing about how people always say, “Wow, that must be fun, taking pictures all day.” If they only knew how many other “jobs” a photographer or artist has to manage, run and market a creative business!

This weekend, I’m off to watch dad race in Florida, an awesome break from the cold. Have an amazing weekend and don’t forget — you look GREAT in all those hats!

🙂 Kate


~ by stylamount on February 26, 2010.

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