Outside the Frame is our blog about art, style and our journey. Welcome!

Hi, I’m Kate Harker. I run the StylaMount business with my twin sister Diana. Since we started StylaMount last July, we’ve had an amazing and creative journey! We came to the US from Australia with our family a few years ago (we’re 26) and just kind of fell into the business of mounted art and photography. My twin sister Diana is an award-winning photographer.

In Australia, the wide format and the crisp look of mounted art are extremely popular and we mounted a lot of work for her clients. In Australia there is also lot of resources for inexpensive, great-looking mounting.

My sister Diana is an award-winning photographer. In Australia, clients loved the look of mounted photography. It’s so modern and fresh: mounting puts the focus on the photo — there’s no distracting picture frame.

When we moved to the US, we were surprised to see how expensive mounting art and photography was and how few companies offered the resource. Hey, a business was born!

So here we are, starting our first new year in business and we love it (even if we are beyond busy – gulp!). Believe it or not, Di and I are also professional NHRA  drag racing drivers! As the Harkertwins, we thrive on life in the fast lane as young women competing in a man’s world. But I’ve got to say, the art and the amazing photography talent we get to experience through StylaMount is equally an adrenaline rush. Through this blog, we’ll share the amazing artistry that crosses our path through StylaMount.

We have about 50 professional photographers on board so far, and find that mounting their work is an ongoing feast of creative talent. The many ways shooters’ and artists, interior designers and home décor retailers bring creative work to life with StylaMount NEVER ceases to dazzle us.

Each week we’ll post images of the great work that we have the honor of showcasing with mounting and along with other unique ways the world of art and photography thinks “outside the frame” with creative style.

Thanks for visiting. We welcome your comments and feedback. Have a great week and think outside the frame!


~ by stylamount on January 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “Outside the Frame is our blog about art, style and our journey. Welcome!”

  1. I am a professional portrait photographer located in California. I am so happy to have found Stylamount! I can see it being a big hit.

    • Hi! Thanks for the compliment! We just checked out your site — It must be so much fun to photograph animals. The shot of the Bulldog/pink fairy is priceless! Check back with us, we’ll be featuring our clients’ work on our blog. We really enjoy working with photographers and soaking up your talent :).

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